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My name is Lam Tran; I am the founder of Fuzion Electronics as well as one of the top game console technicians around the Los Angeles area. I am a former hardware engineer with tons of experience from the thousands of units I have repaired over the last few years. As a gamer, I also understand the common plight gamers go though. You are playing your favorite games, the unit crashes and neither Sony nor Microsoft will give you an immediate and affordable solution. With the amount of scamming out there, I also understand that you are looking for service that is experienced and reliable.

Rather than selling you on how good I am, I will describe how Fuzion Electronics operates to make this experience as speedy and comfortable for you as possible. When you call, I will diagnose your problem over the phone, give you a quote and if you agree with the price and service, we continue on with the process. Fuzion Electronics also specializes in selling parts, therefore we always have parts in stock and your estimated time of wait is only 15 – 45 minutes. All my repairs are done in front of you so that we may ease any concerns you may have. After the repair, we test the unit and issue you a warranty slip. Our business depends on referrals and customers' comments, so we succeed only if our customers are satisfied with our service and what we offer.

We hope to hear from you soon!

-Lam Tran
Owner, Technician Specialist
Email: lam.tran@fuzionelectronics.net
Phone: (714) 862-3003

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