6 easy steps to repairing your system!

1. Request a service
Start the process by sending us a request for repair by calling us at the numbers listed in our Contact page, through our request form, or email. In the request, you should provide a very detailed description on the status of your system and the series of events that led the system to malfunction. In a short period, one of our special technicians will contact you to walk you through the process of getting your system repaired.

2. Free Diagnostic
Once the technician has fully learned about the condition of your system, they will provide you with a detailed explanation of your system's defect(s) and what is needed to be done to repair it. If your system is experiencing an uncommon problem that is unable to be diagnosed remotely, the technician will request that you drop it off, so a diagnostic run can be done in-house. All diagnostics are 100% free of charge.

3. Price Quote
A price and repair time will be quoted to you before any service is provided. You will not be suprised with any additional charges. If for some reason, in the process of repairing your system additional repairs or parts is required, you will be notified before any additional charge or service is applied. If your system cannot be fixed, you will receive your system back in the condition it was in when it was dropped off and you will not be charged.

4. Drop-Off
We have numerous drop off spots around the DC, and LA area. We will make it as simple as we can for you to get the system to us. We are flexible with our schedule so that it is not an inconvenience for you to get your system to us and to pick it back up.

5. Repair
Depending on what service is provided, you can either wait while the technician is working on your system or drop it off and pick it up once it is ready.

6. Pick Up
Once the repair is done and ready for you to pick up. The technician will turn on the system, and let you test it out to make sure it is working to your satisfaction. All of our services comes with a 30-to-90-day warranty to guarantee the services we provide.


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