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Fuzion Electronics is a full service video game shop
specializing in repairing Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii systems, as well as Nintendo DS/DSi/DSiXL, and Sony PSP 1000/2000/3000/go models. Fuzion Electronics has over 3 years of experience devoted to studying and repairing game consoles. We offer same-day turnaround service where you can wait and watch at your convenience. All repairs come with an unconditional 1- to 3-month warranty. We will gladly take care of any problems that you may encounter, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to meet our customers' expectations by providing quality service.

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Repair Time


4-5 weeks


4-5 weeks

Fuzion Electronics

15 minutes - 24 hours

Sony Playstation 3 Service and Repair

  • YLOD Overheating Issues
  • Stuck Drives
  • Blu-ray laser lens replacement (unit not reading games or movies)
  • Corrupt hard drive
  • Power supply issues (no power going to the unit)
  • Unit cannot sync with controllers
  • Unit cannot connect to Internet/PlayStation Network
  • No sound, no video motherboard issues

Microsoft Xbox 360 Services

  • RROD Overheating Motherboard
  • Errors E73, E74, etc.
  • "Open Tray" issues/ Not reading games
  • Stuck drives
  • HDMI upgrades
  • DVD drive upgrades
  • Laser lens replacements
  • Power supply replacements

Nintendo Wii Services

  • Stuck drives
  • Laser  lens replacements

Sony PSP Services

  • Cracked screen
  • Not reading UMDs
  • Does not power on
  • Does not hold a charge
  • Change casing
  • Control pad/ analog nub issues

Nintendo DS Services

  • Broken screens
  • Does not power on
  • Does not hold a charge
  • Replacement styluses

Apple Iphones

  • Broken screens
  • Does not power on
  • Does not hold a charge
  • Replacement battery
  • Water Damages
  • and more...

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