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"I found them on craigslist and they repaired my PS3(Blinking Red light) and my Wii (Stuck Drive). I came in on a Sunday and it was packed. Go on a different day. Customer service is excellent and the guys behind the counter are very knowledgable about the different systems and the video game scene. Great price to repair w/ warrantee and fast turnaround. I would have been weeks if I sent it to Sony. Thanks again guys for fixing my gaming rigs!!!"

-Dreen M.
Los Angeles, CA
October 19, 2010


"Great Service!!!! My stupid ps3 crapped out on me with the YLOD and sure enough i was looking on craigslist for ps3 repair and found Fuzion Electronics. Of course just like all consoles, they always mess up one way or another. So i took it to Fuzion and sure enough within a couple of hours my ps3 is fixed and has been working for 3 weeks no problem. I did get the recommended cooling fan, and the ps3 runs not only cooler but quieter. So happy I have my stupid ps3 working again :)"

-Edward Z.
Alhambra, CA
July 29, 2010


"If you need to repair your Xbox360, this is the place to do it. My Xbox360 had the "Open tray" problem. I called them up at the store, They gave me the diagnosis that i needed a new laser. Price was reasonable and drive wasn't far for anyone in the LA area. Rather then mailing your Xbox into Microsoft for 3 months of no-play, i highly suggest to take it over to Fuzion Electronics. Thanks for the help guys."

-Gigi P.
Long Beach, CA
July 26, 2010


"Came here to get my boyfriend's PS3 repaired and everything went perfectly. We were in and out within an hour. Lam let us watch the whole process and we checked out some new games while we waited. There were 3 technicians there at the time and they were all friendly and helpful. Answered all our questions. Price was reasonable and the tech even cleaned out our dusty unit. Definitely 2 thumbs up!! Fuzion Electronics gives you a 3 month warranty also. I would recommend to anyone."

-Michelle S.
Huntington Park, CA
December 2, 2009


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-Lam Tran
Owner, Technician Specialist
Phone: (714) 862-3003

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